We have an ongoing collaboration with Porgai Artisans Association (NGO) in Sittlingi, India. They are group of 60 Lambadi tribal women who practise their traditional craft of embroidery. This income allows them to have financial stability as well as prevents migration as daily wage labourers.

In addition to this the cotton is locally grown in a group of 12 villages and locally handwoven and dyed with natural dyes.

This allows the community to benefit from production as large scale operations have lot of both hidden and visible exploitation along the supply chain. It is also much better for our environment.

An artisan weaves cotton on a wooden handloom, we have transitioned to using 90% handwoven fabrics in our garments. Weaving is an art that needs to be supported and reintegrated.

A lot of weaving patterns are passed on generationally and are being lost because of the lack of fair pay, resulting in younger generations moving to cities in search of wages.

Image credit: One of our suppliers, Creative Bee studios who specialise in Natural dyes and work extensively across communities to provide a platform for weavers.