Care Instructions

Plug your sink and soak your clothing using a pH neutral soap/detergent because natural compounds are quite sensitive to some of the harsh chemicals and enzymes in most commercial detergents. 
Let them dip dry and your garment is ready for another whirl.
The colour of natural dyes are controlled via processes involving the acidic or basic qualities of each component of the dye bath as well as pre-treating the fabric to open the fibres so the pigment will enter and "lock" in with the exception of Indigo which coats the fibres instead.
Which is why regular detergents can seriously affect the colour fastness of freshly dyed garments, with the exception of Indigo which is quite unreactive. So please don't be naughty!
It has to be said that most natural fibres are quite resistant to building odours owing to their anti bacterial properties, Indigo dyed fabrics for example are quite resistant to moth attacks.
You can put your clothes in the washing machine on a 30 degree cycle, turn your clothes inside out and keep as low a spin as possible to prevent them from getting damaged by a rough cycle like you would with any delicate garment, using a gentle eco friendly/ grey water safe detergent. 
Please do not dry clean, it is so toxic for our environment as well as the people who work with those chemicals.