About us

We are a design studio rooted in India and based in Denmark. We work with organisations and studios that provide fair wages and community based fair working conditions to their artisans. We use natural dyes and handwoven fabrics. 
To us design can be a tool for sustainable systemic change on a societal and environmental level. 
Artisan hanging tie dye fabrics
Pictured above: An employee hanging tie-dye fabrics, Creative Bee is one of our suppliers and they work with training women so they can dye their own products to sell locally.
Crafts like weaving, block printing, Bandhani (tie-dyeing) are rich and varied and function as networks of farmers, yarn spinners, weavers and dyers. They work together in both growing the material, harvesting the ingredients for natural dyes, weaving yarn to fabric on hand looms. Sewing and embroidering it locally allow communities (often marginalised) to create  income during the agricultural off season and prevent migration keeping families together, allowing them to rise out of the endless cycle of debt that traps so many farming communities 🌀
Hand-loom fabrics are created using no electricity and natural dyeing allows the waste water to be free of heavy pollutants and can be grey water filtered and used to water orchards or crops. Farmers are also encouraged to use organic and regenerative methods to produce crops 🌿 
 Pia, the designer behind Line Becomes River is a mom, dog mom and wife (in that order). She has worked in Europe, New York and India as a clothing designer. Born and raised in India she has worked in all parts of the industry, from socially centred studios like Upasana in Auroville which work with uplifting communities to Fashion designers and production houses which follow exploitative models of production.
This exploitative model needs to change now and we have a short term and long term plan to create systems that create self reliant networks and assured livelihoods outside of middlemen and corporations. The possibilities are life changing and we are so excited to be part of this movement 💌